Thursday, October 13, 2016

Name Printing! Ways to get started...with a FREE download!

One of the first things we encourage our students to do in our classroom is to write their name on their work (i.e. drawings, writing, paintings, etc.).  We teach them that their name is important and meaningful so that each student feels a sense of belonging.

In the new Ontario Kindergarten Program 2016, one of the four frames focuses on Belonging and Contributing.  We believe that making a child understand his/her sense of self begins with them identifying and being able to write his/her name and knowing how special and unique they are.

Here are a few ways we encourage name identification and printing the first few weeks of school.

Last year our Occupational Therapist recommended the program Handwriting Without Tears where these amazing wooden pieces are from.  We love how the children have used them to form the letters in their names.

Sometimes it's as simple as leaving out letters (such as these rock letters) and inviting children to find what they need to spell their name - magnetic letters work great too!

We have written names on wooden paint sticks (which are FREE at your local hardware store!) and  letters on clothespins - students have to match letter-to-letter in their name. This activity is also a great way to strengthen fine motor muscles!

Exploring lines is a great way to practice pre-printing skills.  We leave these cards out along with their name cards for students to explore using Q-tips and water on chalkboards to form lines.
The cards are from Stimulating Learning with Rachel and you can find them here.

Students were so intrigued with how long/short their names are that they counted the letters and ordered them on our carpet.

Sometimes putting pressure on paper using a pencil is difficult so we love having students practice with a whiteboard marker.  We put these name sheets in plastic sleeves so that they can be wiped clean and used over and over.
We also cut them in half to form a booklets and send them home for extra practice.

You can download your own *editable* name printing pages (as seen in the photo above) by clicking here. They are made in Power Point.
Be sure to first download the free font "Print Dashed" which you can find here.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Our Learning Environment - The First Month

I can't believe that October is already here and the first month of school is over!
Where has the time gone?
Our students were welcomed into their learning environment, and although not much has changed from last year, we added a new area in our classroom for "small world play" and enlarged the block area on the carpet as many students are always interested in building.
The math centre is a favourite this year...we enjoy watching students explore the manipulatives on our math carpet.

Here is our small world play area.  The carpet is from Ikea and works perfectly to house all the creations happening here!
We offer an art shelf stocked with coloured paper, buttons, ribbon, and different materials (which we will change and add to over time).  Our students are still learning how to use just the right amount of glue!
The sand box has all of its materials on the nearby shelf, including large tree discs, rocks, jewels, and sticks.  The children are welcome to take materials from other areas of the classroom too!
At times, we add a sensory bin in our class - these past few weeks we have filled it with water, rocks, different lids, measuring cups and funnels to explore.  Other times, we bring it outside.
We have a Discovery/Science shelf with a nearby table.  The shelf holds items that we explored last year (which our Year 2 students will remember!) and we continuously add to it when students bring things in that are meaningful to them.
We started the year off by taking a closer look at various rocks that Mrs. Petrone and I collected over the past few months.  We were very excited to see the students interested in learning more about rocks!

Currently our Discovery Table is housing our pet snails that a student brought in from his backyard last week.

The Dramatic Play area starts off with a few basic materials - ceramic plates and glasses and real utensils.  We enjoy watching this area take the form of many different real-life places such as a grocery store, pizzeria, and doctor's office when the students feel like changing it.

And, of course, we have 3 "bistro" tables that we use for snack (which is self-regulated).
This year we added a small shelf nearby with items that we thought the children could use to be more independent.

We carefully leave out provocations that are simple yet meaningful for the beginning of the year. 
Here are just a few examples...
- exploring letters and names

Thank you to Darla Myers for inspiring this provocation!

- fine motor skills

- exploring art forms (dots and feelings)

- looking closely at flowers and plants and representing them through art pieces

Although the school year really has only gotten started, we have begun to document, in various ways, the learning taking place in our classroom.
You will see that we have a writing wall with co-constructed expectations of what writing should look like early on in the school year. As the year goes on, and we learn more about what writing is, we continue to add to this chart.  We have students share their work on a regular basis too!  It's a very important time in our classroom!

Both Mrs. Petrone and I were fortunate to attend the OECTA Kindergarten conference last week where we focused on the new curriculum and learning in the 4 frames.  After much thought, we came up with a new "Week-at-a-Glance" sheet that highlights the 4 frames and all of the learning that we have planned for the week.

You can download your editable copy by clicking here.
Be sure to download and save file on your computer.
(You will also need to download the Doodle Basic font which you can find here.)

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Vegas Teacher Meet Up 2016

We had such an amazing time at the Vegas Teacher Meet Up last week in Las Vegas!
There were over 300 teachers who joined us for a night of pillow decorating, dancing and laughter!
We could not have had such a successful event without the generous donations from our sponsors.

A HUGE thank you to Staff Development for Educators for sponsoring our event!
This company gives back to teachers in so many ways - be sure to check out their website to see if a conference is coming to your hometown soon!

Can you imagine the fun we all had (in our pyjamas no less)?!?!  Here are just a few pictures of the evening...

We must give a big thank you to GoNoodle who not only provided swag bags for everyone, but surprised us with a Dance Party!

GoNoodle also set up a photo booth - let me tell you how much fun that was!!!

Greg Smedley from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard graciously donated all of the pillow cases and fabric markers for teachers to decorate a pillowcase!

Everyone enjoyed drinking coffee and tea thanks to the generous donation of Starbucks on the outside of the Fashion Show Mall. 

Everyone left with a swag bag filled with so many goodies!

And, of course, we had LOTS and LOTS of prizes!!!!

Staff Development for Educators (SDE) donated gift certificates to upcoming conferences and gift certificates to the bookstore.

Teachers Pay Teachers gave us LOTS of gift certificates! Perfect for back to school!

Mabel's Labels is an amazing company who labels are amazing - you can keep your things labelled so they don't get lost!
They are not only great for children, but for teachers too!
Thank you for the label starter packs!

If you don't already use ESGI in your classroom for assessment purposes, you definitely should!
They donated 10 teacher licenses and a whole school license!

Hue graciously donated tablet stands, Animation Studios and HD Pro Document Cameras...all of which were amazing prizes!

Thank you to Kim Adsit from Kindergals for donating a gift certificate.

Thanks Deanna Jump from Mrs. Jump's class who donated a gift certificate.

Thank you to Deedee Wills from Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten for the gift certificate.

Katie and Company is a fabulous one-stop shop for all things fun and educational for your classroom!  Thank you for the gift certificate.

If you are looking for a way to keep your students in one spot on the carpet, look no further than Sit Spots.  Many thanks for the gift certificates!

Classroom Friendly Supplies donated THE BEST sharpeners in the world!

A huge thank you to Teacher Created Materials for the $100 gift card!

Are you looking for the perfect "teacher" shoes?
Be sure to check out Ms. Head of the Class - this winner won a gift certificate for a new pair!

Every kindergarten and primary teacher NEEDS a Show & Tell Apron in his/her classroom!
This lucky winner won one, along with a full set of cards!

Who doesn't LOVE Heidi Songs? This lucky winner won a gift basket filled with DVDs.

Thank you so much to Insect Lore for donating a butterfly garden!

Many thanks to Melonheadz Illustrating for donating a gift certificate and a personalised caricature,

Frog Publications donated this awesome game!

A big thank you to Lakeshore Learning who donated a gift bag filled with lots of goodies as well as a Create-a-Chain Reaction Stem Product.

Teacher Created Resources donated a huge pack of their new Marquee decorations as well as 2 gift certificates!

Thank you Carson Dellosa for the 3 gift certificates!
We can think of so many things to buy!

Creative Clips donated a USB filled with ALL of her adorable clip art as well as a gift pack full of teacher notepads.

Many thanks to Deanna Jump and Hope King for donating a teacher tuition for their Get Your Teach On Conference!

This was one huge prize...thank you Vera Bradley for the amazing Travel Pack!

Have you tried using Stikki Works products in your classroom?  They are simply amazing! Many thanks for the gift baskets!

One lucky winner received a personalised t-shirt from Teacher Tops Boutique.

Thank you to Stamping Till Dawn for this gift pack filled with your awesome stamps!

Numbers Alive has amazing products for your students to become familiar with numbers.  Thank you for donating the Hello Numbers Discovery Set.

We had a BLAST and can't wait until next year!  

Thanks again to all of our sponsors for helping to make this event such a huge success!
Hope to see you all again soon!!!