Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm on TpT!!!

First of all, I want to thank Yang, a summer student at my husband's office, who, although not pursuing a future job in education, took the time out of her busy day to help me learn a little bit more about (teacher) thanks, Yang!  I am sooooo happy to say that I have created an account on Teachers Pay Teachers today.  I wasn't sure about doing this but I have a lot of unit plans, worksheets, printables, etc. that I would love to share with everyone (don't worry, a lot of them are free!) :)  Here is my link:  I hope you have a few minutes to check me out...

I have to give credit to my teaching partner, Ann-Marie Parisi, for her creative idea with this free download I am including below.  Here are some Student Task as a teacher you can post (how ever many you need) on a chalkboard as you teach to help the students with their work.  They serve as great visual cues! 

Thank again for all of your support, to my wonderful friends and family, and happy teaching everyone!!!

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  1. I couldn't download the task cards! But I see they are on your TpT!