Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let's play house!

I have gotten some e-mails asking about how I incorporate literacy in some of my Literacy Centres.  I try to incoporate literacy everywhere around my classroom, whether it be charts of songs we have sung, student names, art work students created with a brief sentence underneath (I even post these in the washroom - don't laugh!).  So when it came to my House Centre I wanted signs to be posted there too.  I have a small pocket chart that hangs in the House Centre and I made small vocabulary cards that I change every so often (I call this our Grocery List).  Students can refer to the cards when writing on their shopping lists - I have these cut out in a basket with pencils for them to use (another cute idea!).  I especially love to put out a few placemats and have students set the table.  I like to be really organized (and I teach the students how to be, too) so they know to put everything back where it belongs when it's time to clean up (this centre can get messy and I have found play food and dishes all around the room!).  These labels help.  Here are some of the things that I have made for this centre. 

Happy teaching!

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