Saturday, April 07, 2012

A whole lot of requests!

This has been one VERY busy Easter weekend!
Luckily the stores were closed yesterday (have I ever mentioned how much I *LOVE* shopping...even if it's just a trip to Walmart!) so that I could get a lot of new units done!

I have been getting a whole bunch of e-mails recently asking me to create certain Write the Room Literacy Centers based on different themes.  Well, I'm trying to keep up with all of the requests!  I'm getting there!

So here are a few of the newest Write the Room centers I just finished and posted to TpT.  By the looks of it, everyone is ready for Summertime!  I have had so many people ask for Summer-themed centers!  I'm ready for summer too!

Since it's Easter, and it's a long weekend, why not share?
(Keep reading for the good stuff....)

I have to admit, this Literacy Center is still, by far, the most favourite of them all by my kinders.  I change my theme (and the words) every 2 weeks or so.  They cannot get enough!  My favourite is when it's "free time" or "choice" in my class and everyone wants to Write the Room!  I'm so proud of my kiddies!

I'm still working on more Write the Room centers including Rainforest and Sight Words All Year Long.
If there are any requests, please let me know!

I'll give away these Write the Room centers to the first 3 people to comment below and answer this:
What are you doing this Easter weekend?

...hmmm....yes, I'll give away all 3 of them! Enjoy!

Happy Easter!


  1. This looks great!! I am having brunch with the family! Happy Easter :)

    1. I have just finished cleaning out and organizing the garage - whew! So we are going to brunch at my mother's house and I plan on enjoying the nice time with family.

  2. Looks great!


  3. We are going to church and brunch!


  4. I am going to spend time with my family!

    The First Grade Dream

  5. A few comments too late, but I am cleaning, lesson planning, and trying to see as much family as possible. Happy Easter!

  6. Love your activities!

  7. totally missed this one!
    Darn, my kids LOVE doing these activities! :)

    ♥ Jen
    The Teacher's Cauldron

  8. I am always too late for these! But just wanted to say I love your stuff! Have a HOPPY Easter!!

  9. I'm late, but I'll be going to church and then lunch with the family all coming over.

  10. I love these activities! Have a great Easter!

  11. Bummer! Missed it! We're going to be skipping church and hitting the road to visit family! So excited since we haven't seen them in over a year!

    Happy Easter!


  12. Hey there!! I tagged you for a little fun. Hop on over to my blog to see what's up
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  13. Just curious...were the shops closed for Good Friday? That is definitely something I'm not used to--most stores will still be open on Easter Sunday.

    Have a blessed Easter!


  14. I will be enjoying time with my family, after we return from church. I will also be doing the usual Sunday lesson planning. We have one more week before Spring break. I know...seem late. It is. Wish I hadn't been cooking and watching blogs, so that I could have won. Maybe next time.

  15. I have been celebrating Passover with my family from California. Its wonderful to have them come in every year for this holiday.

  16. Tag! You’re it! Come over to my blog to see the rules and questions!

  17. I just tagged you as well!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten