Friday, August 24, 2012

Freebie Friday!

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I don't know about you but I just love teaching my students to spell simple CVC words.
For those of you who are asking "What in the world are CVC words?"....they are simple 3-letter words that are formed by a consonant-vowel-consonant.
These words are a great introduction to spelling because you can teach students that the middle sound will always be a vowel and stretching out the rest of the sounds comes easily for many.
That being said, I use these CVC cards throughout my day.
In my Guided Reading groups, I like taking these out and having students practice spelling the words together (I usually do this with my lower reading group).  We review the sounds together and I might even place the letters we need mixed up on the table so that it's a little easier at first.
I also put these picture cards out at my Pocket Chart center along with my Alphabet Cards and have students build the words on their own.
You can attach magnetic tape to the back of the cards and place them at your magentic letters center too!
I've even used them during my Chit Chat (Morning Message) for students to decode.  I may start by omitting one letter from the CVC word (beginning sound) and later on asking students to spell the entire word.
You will be surprised at how quickly your students will become fluent readers and spellers!
I'd love to hear other ways you could use these CVC picture cards!
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Happy teaching!


  1. Thanks, Alessia! Who doesn't love CvC cards!? I'm having a HUGE giveaway at my blog. Be sure to check it out! Ends tonight at midnight.

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  2. Love these cards! I can't wait to use them.