Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stone Soup...FREEBIES!

Stone Soup is a great book to read this time of year!  We just celebrated Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago and with my students talking about weather changes (brrrr!!!) what better book to read than one on soup!

If you're not familiar with this book, it's about much more than making soup. I like to tell my kinders that the moral of the story is caring, sharing and being friends with one another make things much better (and tastier!).
We've read this book a few times over the past week so my students were familiar with it.

We brainstormed and then used vegetable flashcards that I made to review just some of the many types of vegetables.
You can click here for to print these cards for free.
I brought in a large plastic pot (I bought mine at Michaels a few years back but, by the way, you can find this anywhere this time of year since it goes so well with the Halloween theme!) and filled it with plastic vegetables.
Then we sang this song.
You can download your copy for free by clicking on the picture.
I just choose a few of my favourite vegetables to sing about in this song but you can add many more!
We also did a little "kid-writing" where my kinders read the predictable text and completed the endings by sounding and stretching out the words.
 Then they wrote about it in their journals using some of our sight words for the month.
The word that is omitted is the child's name.  So the sentence reads "(Name) put in (vegetable)."
I love kid-writing, don't you?

Happy teaching!


  1. Have you ever made the stone soup with your kids? Several years, I've brought in my crockpot, broth, canned tomatoes, sauteed onions and ground beef. I start the soup and the children are asked to bring in a small can of veggies, the little ones from Green Giant are best. I usually make sure that I have some potatoes in case we don't get any of those. We combine everything with my "well-washed" river rock and the cook it on low all morning. After smelling it the whole day, we agree that it's the best soup when we enjoy it along with out lunch. My rock always goes through the dishwasher before and after cooking, then I bring it to a boil before we put it in the soup!

    Donna W.

  2. We did our Stone Soup activities the week before Thanksgiving. On the Friday each of the kids brought in a veggie, I supplied the chicken, broth and stone and we had a Thanksgiving celebration for lunch.

  3. love this! thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Hi
    I need Stone Soup sıng for my kids. We have a theater about it but I also have to find song for them. Do you have any idea? Could you help me please??


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  6. Love the ideas! I did find a typo in the song sheet on the second to last line :) It says "We'll eat and eat and ear*..." -just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to change that!