Monday, May 06, 2013

Cha-Ching! Teaching money....and a SALE!

We are learning about money in my class.....a topic I just love to teach!
Maybe because I spend way too much of it! HA!
It all started last week when I pulled out a plastic cash register and pretend coins and the students went CrAzY!
They absolutely loved it!
I made price tags and my students placed fruits and veggies around the table to purchase.
We talked about coin names and values and students sorted the plastic coins so they could get familiar with the characteristics of each one.
I wanted students to be comfortable identifying coins so we played this little game.
Roll the die and bingo dab the matching coin.
I have both a US and Canadian version in my newly posted Con"GRAD"ulations unit.

Here the students are "buying bugs" - they choose a bug and look at the coin.  Then they have to write the value under the matching bug on the worksheet.
This activity went perfectly in our class as we are starting to learn about insects!
I made these coin posters that have a rhyme for remembering each coin and pictures on each.
The rhymes have been around for years and I wrote poems for the Canadian "Loonie" ($1) and "Toonie" ($2) coins since I couldn't find anything!!!
I have included both US and Canadian coin posters.
You can download these posters for FREE here or by clicking the picture below.
What perfect timing since we are talking about money.....
tomorrow the Teacher Appreciation sale starts over on TpT.
All of my things will be 20% off for both Tuesday and Wednesday and if you use coupon code TAD13 you will save a total of 28% all of my items!

Thank you to my sweet friend, Hadar (Miss Kindergarten) for creating this adorable button!


Here are a few of my newest creations that I collaborated on with my bloggie besties you might want to snag:

These are some of my best-selling things!  Best part is - they can be used YEAR ROUND!

And these are my units that I recently revamped....and DOUBLED THEIR SIZE!
I can't wait for this big sale and am loading my cart as I speak write! 
Wishing teachers everywhere a wonderful week - happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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