Saturday, January 25, 2014

I {heart} February!

With January nearly over, I spent part of my lunch on Friday laminating and getting ready for all things February....hearts, love and friendship!
Here's a peek at some of my activities, games, and centers from my newest unit,
(A perfect unit to do during the month of February)
It's full of activities that your students can work on individually, with a partner, or in a small group.  Many centers focus on turn-taking, co-operation and problem-solving with another friend.
Word Family Delivery -> a fun way to practice word families...matching the word family word to the mailbox.
Secret Messages -> open up the envelope and read the sight word.  Write it in the letter boxes that fit the word.
Terrific Ten-Frames -> find the ten-frame that matches the number and color the correct number of dots.
Lots of Letters -> write the correct order of the letters
(I have the same activities for number order included)
Fair Share Treats -> place the cookies on the cookie tray to see if they can be sorted fairly
I {Heart} Patterns -> an easy assessment piece for patterning
To Sum It All Up -> use heart erasers to add up the equations and match them correctly.
Cookie Making Fun -> building cookies using different fractions.
Heart Breakers -> beginning sound match
This is one of my favorite co-operative games...Missing Match Ups.
Students work in pairs of small groups and play this game like memory (flip all the cards over and find a pair). card is left out.  They have to use the board to cover-up each pair they find and guess which card was left out.
Click on the picture below to take you to this unit.
Be sure to download the preview so you can see all that is included!
If you are like me and plan on doing a little something for Groundhog Day (which falls next weekend - so I'm going to be using this unit this week)...take a peek at my Happy Groundhog Day unit.

We did so many fun activities from it last year which I plan on doing again this year.
We even got a letter delivered to us from Mr. Groundhog himself telling us what the outcome of Groundhog Day was (2 versions included).
Here's our adorable prediction chart we did.
 You can read all about our Groundhog Day adventures from last year here.
BOTH of these unit are on sale until tomorrow night! 


  1. Great stuff Alessia! As always!
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

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