Thursday, March 06, 2014

Let's Go Grocery Shopping!

March Break officially begins tomorrow for me....well, tomorrow is a PA Day for students (teachers still have to go in) so it's kind of like it's already started!
As many of you know, it's our first year as a school teaching Full Day Kindergarten - with a focus on "play-based" teaching.  It's a little different than what we are used to doing in the past so our team decided to turn our attention to an area of the classroom that the students love to play at!
We really wanted to make our Dramatic Centre a place to build literacy and numeracy skills, through conversation, problem solving and working together.
We had SO.MUCH.FUN this week at our Dramatic Centre.
We turned it onto a Grocery Store!
I set everything up using the labels I made and the children just brought in items from home to contribute.  I asked them to think about things that would go in a recycling bin and wash them out first (we don't want any unwanted guests at our store!).
The best part was how neat and tidy they kept it!
There were different roles the students could play....some shopped with either a grocery cart or basket, others decided to be a manager (and made sure everything was organized and there were happy customers!), 2 students could be cashiers, there were stock clerks who put the groceries back in their proper places and we even had cart attendants who put the carts and baskets back!
Here is a student having lots of fun shopping!
We kept it at a 5 item limit so things wouldn't get out of hand!
This student wrote a shopping list before she started and is going around checking everything off her list.
Here are the different areas of our Grocery Store:
This is our puppet theatre.  We moved it closer to the Dramatic Centre so it could be used as the fridge (on one side) and the freezer section (on the other).
Can't wait until we get back from March Break and the students will see that I've added a few new food items (in the Produce section)!
You can find all of these printables in my new Let's Go Grocery Shopping! Grocery Store Dramatic Play Center!
Click here to come check it out!
Coming up this weekend....I'm so excited to be a part of this blog hop.....
Check back soon!


  1. I love your dramatic play area. I wish I had the space and time.!

  2. I love your new dramatic play area Alessia! How often do your kiddos get to use it? (My principal only wants us to let the kids use "traditional" centers like blocks and dramatic play once a week... but I sneak in 15-20 minutes every day for them...)

    Fun in PreK-1 & Kinder

    1. Hi Jessica,
      We use it all day, every day! We have the new Play-based Kindergarten program here in Ontario (Canada) where students learn through play. It's a lot of fun!

  3. Drooling over the size of your center. Yea for developmentally appropriate kindergarten! Can I come play?! Jayne
    Smart Kids
    ABCs of Reading

  4. I love your dramatic play area. I just might have to go get our puppet theatre out of storage and add it to back in our room as part of the grocery store. Excellent ideas!! Thank you so much!!

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