Sunday, August 02, 2015

Let's Play "I Have...Who Has..."!

Do you ever play this game with your students....
"I have .... who has....?"
My students LOVE it and the girls at Freebielicious thought you would too!
Here's how you play...
Click the picture above so you can start at the right place.
You will read the clues and guess who the Freebielicious author is before moving on!
We have a GREAT prize for you at the end!
Did you see Kinders and Beyond's link?

Well, that's me!
Yes, I drink waaaayyyyy too much coffee during the day - in fact, I am drinking one right now!
But I love it and it helps me through the day!
(Remember, I have 2 small kids and I just moved a couple of months ago into a new house.  Life is crazy busy to say the least!)
I think that one of THE MOST IMPORTANT (and fun!) centers in my classroom is the Dramatic Play area.  It's a large space I created for my students to make-believe and use oral language, writing, reading and even math skills!
This HUGE {growing} bundle includes all 12 Dramatic Play Centers....including one I just uploaded yesterday... Farmer's Market!
Here are a few pictures of my students playing, learning and interacting at the Dramatic Center...
Halloween - Witches' Brew (FREEBIE!)
Hospital/Doctor's Office
Hospital/Doctor's Office
Santa's Workshop
La Pizzeria
La Pizzeria

Ice Cream Parlor

Ice Cream Parlor

Grocery Store
Grocery Store
But wait!
I have a secret to tell you.....
There is a BIG sale on TpT beginning tomorrow and even though this bundle is already discounted than if you were to purchase each pack individually, it will be further discounted during the sale!
Be sure to use the code in the picture above to save even more!
Okay, another secret....
I will be adding another pack to this already huge set....coming this week!
{Here's a has to do with something fun families do in the summer...hmmm....)
Which means the price will go hurry and get this now!!!
Wait, wait, wait!!!
The game isn't quite over yet.....
Time to hop to the next blog...
Can you guess....
Click the picture to find out!


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