My Classroom

I tried to make our classroom feel warm and inviting.
Come and take a look!
This is the cubby area.  Above the cubbies are pictures in frames that each student brought in of his/her family.  On the wall, each child made their own name by using natural found materials (i.e. sticks, grass, etc.) from our nature walk.
This is our Writing Centre.

I like to store lots of materials at this centre so students can be independent and love writing.
This is our "Snack Centre" - snack is self-regulated, which means that whenever a students is hungry, he/she can eat a snack here.
Our "Book Nook" - a quiet place to read or take a break.
These are our Documentation Binders (or Portfolios).  Each student has one and it contains all of the child's work, journal, important notes, etc.
At the end of SK, the child gets to take it home!
The small group table - I use it for Guided Reading/Writing and lots more!  My favourite table!
(Please excuse the mess - children hard at work!)
Above the computers is our Birthday Wall display.  So easy to make, I took the photos of the children by month holding up the number that they wrote for their birthday.  The children helped make the signage too.
This is our Personal Best Writing Wall - where we display pieces of work that the children did that exceed our goals.  On a daily basis, we have a Writing Lesson which focuses on an important aspect of the Writing Process (such as labeling our pictures, making a book, etc.)
The children are encouraged to write on a daily basis - everywhere! So even if they are "playing" at the blocks, they may draw and label their picture.  They hang their daily writing on their own spot here on the wall.
At the beginning of the year, our class worked on a Beautiful Stuff project, in which all the children brought in things from home.  We sorted those things and used them to create an alphabet line which hangs on the wall in the front of our classroom.
Each letter is represented by something that starts with the same sound.
Our blocks area - a class favourite!
This is our Wonder Wall (or Documentation Wall).  I display photos and documentation notes of inquiries that are happening in our classroom.
Here is our Dramatic Centre - we change it constantly!
The children love to turn it into a grocery store, post office and lots more!
I hope you enjoyed visiting our class!




  1. Love, love, love your classroom Allesia. I look forward to seeing what you do with it this year! See you next week.

  2. What kind of materials did the students bring in for the more difficult letters like x, z, etc

  3. What kind of materials did the students bring in for the more difficult letters like x, z, etc

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